Saturday, May 9, 2009

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I was watching a documentary today that I really enjoyed, titled "The Hip Hop Project." It chronicles the work of Art Start's ( hip hop program, which works to take homeless teens in New York off the street and teach them through art. Minneapolis has a rich history of hip hop and is home to one of the largest independent hip hop labels, Rhymesayers Entertainment. Recently, the non-profit I work for hosted a series of hip hop events, which sought to bring Minneapolis youth into the hip hop scene and teach them how to express themselves through rhythm and poetry, in addition to hosting hip hop events every first Friday of the month. When I was watching the documentary, I could see a lot of parallels between the Art Start program and programs available in Minneapolis offered by Chris Keller (Kristoff Krane, Abzorbr) and Medium Zach (Big Quarters), which I thought was neato and made me a little more proud to represent Minneapolis hip hop.

I've known for a long time that working for a non-profit like Art Start is where I would eventually like to end up on my career path, because I have always believed that art should be accessible to everybody. Art is a nice thing, after all.

So, now that I've been talking about Minneapolis and hip hop and such, I've decided to dedicate today's heavy rotation to my favorite examples of Minneapolis hip hop.

Currently in heavy rotation:

Cecil Otter - Rebel Yellow

P.O.S. - Thatone

Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak - Prizefight

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