Saturday, May 16, 2009

Speaking American.

One article on caught my eye today and put me into a contemplative mood. So, the Army Corps of Engineers is assessing whether the levees will hold in the event of a hurricane. If the levees aren't up to snuff, what happens? Will they be rebuild? If so, who pays for it? Personally, I'd much rather everybody lay their cards out on the table and say that they really don't have a commitment to New Orleans instead of acting like they're still fully committed. I often wonder how stupid they think we are. I suppose they want us to leave them the hell alone so they can continue mashing newsprint into the gaps of the levees.

Meanwhile, there isn't an honest civic official in New Orleans, it seems, that could request that everybody get their proverbial shit together. Or perhaps, to provide oversight in some fashion instead of letting everybody run amok. Currently, New Orleans is run like the wild west, so even if city hall and the governor's mansion are fully stocked, they may as well be ceremonial positions (a la the Queen of England) until somebody decides to do something productive instead of standing on the sidelines, whispering, "Golly gee whiz, guys, I think those people want us to do something," to each other. Cue the chorus of laughs.

Now, if you'll allow me, I need to continue grieving over the latest Twins loss at the hands of the Yankees.

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