Thursday, May 7, 2009

Salt's Too Sweet

And so it begins, another round of New Orleans classes. I think we have a good group this time around and I'm excited to see what stories develop. I'm also interested in seeing who will be loyal to Team Champagne and who will be losers.

One thing that interested me was Nick's apprehension to pursue his story about fire stations. The stories are definitely there.

Recovery on hold: FEMA should straighten Grand Isle's fire station problems

Ground breaking this morning for new Delacroix Island fire station

Lower 9th Ward may get new fire station

St. Bernard fire stations reopen

Fire station 36 in New Orleans East is also on the targeted recovery areas
Fire station 18 on Harrison Ave is also on the targeted recovery areas
The list of targeted recovery areas can be found here and here

You might also notice in the targeted recovery areas that a number of theaters are listed, particularly on Canal St. Perhaps somebody is interested in that topic?

I'm sure I'll generate more ideas for everybody to mull over.
For now, I'll be watching When The Levees Broke on OnDemand for the third time this week.

Currently in heavy rotation:

Lazerbeak - Legend Recognize Legend

Tiger Army - Outlaw Heart

The Arcade Fire - Rebellion [Lies]


Becky said...

TC For Life. < Fist Bump >

Ryan said...

TC For Life. Fo Sho. < Fist Bump >

Colleen said...

TC For Life indeed--you do mean Team Caviar, do you not? < Fist Bump >

Ryan said...

Oh dear. Colleen, you must be confused. Becky and I are talking about the only real team there is, Team Champagne. Team Coal are just a bunch of wannabes.