Monday, May 4, 2009

Concrete Schoolyard

Number of FEMA Trailers by Parish (As of March 29th, 2009)
Jefferson Parish: 73
Orleans Parish: 0
Plaquemines Parish: 424
St. Bernard Parish: 392
St. Charles Parish: 29
St. John the Babtist Parish: 16
St. Tammany Parish: 285
Tangipahoa Parish: 0
Total: 1,042

The trailer population has declined fairly significantly since visiting New Orleans in September and October of 2008. The official count from September 20th, 2008 was 2,650 and since then, that amount has been cut down by more than half. Soe of this has to do with FEMA deadlines and their desire for families that live in trailers to seek "permanent housing" and part of it has to do with new city ordinances that outlaw living in a trailer that is on the same property as a homestead. This accounts for the sharpest decrease in the number of FEMA trailers in Jefferson Parish, where, in September, there was something like 770 trailers.

As Thursday draws near, I'm more and more excited. I've been talking to others in the class, easing their concerns, and helping to mature their ideas. I really can't wait to be down there again. I can already feel Arby's calling my name, though it won't be the same without Keith. I've also been recruiting new members for Team Champagne, being that some of our members will not be joining us this time around. I'll be representing Team Champagne in full force before, during, and after the trip, because Team Champagne is far superior to the likes of Team Coal. So watch out Team Coal, Team Champagne is going to school you guys on what real photographers look like.

Team Champagne for Life.

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