Thursday, May 28, 2009

Salad Days

How do we deal with Katrina fatigue?

If it's a time thing, I can roll with that. Though, I must dutifully inform you that before May 1st, there wasn't much going on in the news world for a long time relating to Hurricane Katrina. There were stories here and there, but most flew under the radar. Even places like have significantly cut back on their coverage since I was there in September. So what gives? Are people still annoyed with the whole thing the news corporations dropped coverage back in 2006? That's over three years ago. How much rest do you need? How fatigued can a person be that they need to get away from something for more than three years?

If it's a relevance thing, then I completely understand. Just please also tell the people that are moving into their cars, unfinished houses, or onto the street that they, too, are irrelevant. Be prepared, however, for them to humbly disagree with you. After all, as they sleep at night, I'm sure they dream of people no longer wanting to help them or tell their story. We should all be so lucky to have our homes destroyed, then have to fight, tooth and nail, to get a shabby trailer to live in for three years while fighting with insurance companies or government entities to secure funds to rebuild our houses. If that's what the American dream is, then tell me where to sign my name. I want a piece of that.

If it's an originality thing, I get it. After all, before the May 1st trailer deadline, there were innumerable documentations of people still living in trailers after three years. I mean, there was the one with... There wasn't. Sure, there is the anomaly of Robert Green. Besides, him, however, there aren't a whole lot of photos floating around of people living in trailers. There was talk of numbers, there was talk of property values, there was talk about deadlines, etc. It was all arbitrary. There were no faces to go with names. There still isn't. Really, I'm just on a crusade for no apparent reason aside from amassing an enormous collection of pictures of trailers. I'm not trying to fool myself here, really it's all quite selfish and has nothing to do with the lack of coverage relating to my story.

All this rant has left me a little fatigued, however. I think I might like to go sleep for three years.
G'night, folks.

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