Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In response to American Experience: New Orleans, Cemetery Caretaker

The cemeteries in New Orleans are filled with truly beautiful monuments that celebrate life. Though they are filled with concrete mausoleums, residents of New Orleans treat them as communal gathering places to have picnics. This is because New Orleanian's have a different relationship with death from Americans in other parts of the country. I, personally, believe that residents of New Orleans have the right idea about honoring the lives of their relatives and loved ones. Instead of dwelling on the loss, they celebrate the happiness they gained from their lives. This is why cemeteries are places of happiness for the people of New Orleans.

I suppose maintaining cemeteries is similar to maintaining public parks. Just as there are workers to maintain the parks, there is an equivalent worker to maintain the cemeteries. Also, because the cemeteries bring so much joy to their patrons, they want them to be maintained.

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