Friday, June 26, 2009

Where the Sidewalk Ends

This morning, we visited a different part of Lakeview, which I had never been to. It reminded me a lot of Holy Cross in the sense that there were a number of abandoned structures, but no longer any FEMA trailers. It leaves you with a false sense of recovery. As we were roving around, I noticed chickens and roosters roaming as they pleased and a gentleman that was mowing his lawn. The only problem was that there was no grass. Just dirt.

Later on, I returned to St. Bernard to recreate some images from the last trip to record the progress that occurs over the span of 9 months. Overall, I think the trip was a success. The resulting images will be better, anyhow. I've become much more judicious in terms of which images are allowed to continue into the winner circle as it were. Images that aren't up to snuff, technically speaking, or can't be fixed using my Photoshop
expertise are gotten rid of. This has forced me to become a more technical shooter, which isn't a bad thing.

These last two houses are located in St. Bernard, where I photographed them in September.

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Colleen said...

Technically, I think that East of the London Avenue Canal is Gentilly. Readers?