Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Safety Dance

This morning, we revisited Tennessee Street. I was able to rephotograph Robert Green's trailers and new home, which should prove to be interesting when compared to the photographs of nine months ago. I was also able to rephotograph Chuck Byrne's trailer. Both areas have chanced an enormous amount since September. Lakeview, more than anything looked so much better and I was starting to wonder if I was in the same place as before. Robert's house is almost done being built and he'll be moving in within the next three weeks and Chuck's house is looking better than ever. New Orleans is definitely making progress, but the end is nowhere in sight.

This is a meter used to measure how much electricity a household is using. Following Hurricane Katrina, they were place on pieces of dimensional lumber and driven into the ground next to the trailers so that its occupants can have power. Lately, as trailer are taken away, outlets are being added to the pole to operate job site tools to refurbish houses.

These last two images are of Chuck Byrne and his house in Lakeview. I photographed him and his house last September.

These last two images are of Robert Green's trailers and his new house, which is being built with the generosity of the Make it Right Foundation. In return for 85% of your Road Home settlement, you can pick out a house. So, if your house cost $300,000 to build and your Road Home check is for $30,000, then you get a $300,000 worth of house for $25,500. Sweet deal, right? I'd say.

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