Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is Tuesday, right?

After the blur of Monday, I awoke this morning much better rested. Today, we cruised down to the Lower 9th to visit the Holy Cross neighborhood. Things had certainly changed down there, but the changes that occurred were minor. The same buildings are empty as last time, though, with less FEMA trailers. The streets were empty, because nobody in their right mind would be outside at 6:15 in the morning. Disregarding the overwhelming odor of dead fish, our group, tenacious as ever, kept shooting. I shot a few pictures to get myself in the groove again. Later on, we met up with Robert Green, to sit down and talk to him about the current state of the Lower 9th and New Orleans as whole. It was really great to have time allocated to just talk to Robert, because he has a very clear idea of what is occurring in New Orleans and was able to teach more than a thing or two about the current state of New Orleans. So, even though none of even snapped a single frame while we were talking to him, the time was well-spent. Robert is supposed to move into his house "soon." Robert further explained that it depended on the final electrical inspection more than anything else, but that he would be able to make his house a home in the next two or three weeks. Yay, Robert!

Now, for some pictures:

This last trailer, I photographed approximately nine months ago. It's still in the same place, along with the tarp on the roof, torn to shreds. The trailers looks about the same, though. Just like all the other FEMA trailers, it constantly looks dirty, due to a poor paint job, I'm certain. If you look closely, the stains are more like rust or other oxidation than dirt.

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