Friday, April 10, 2009

I Don't Want Solidarity if it Means Holding Hands With You.

What part does honesty play in our photography? Not honesty in terms of representation, but honesty in terms of emotional reactions. How willing are you connect with your subjects? I can understand apprehension, because, after all, we have to be tough guys and gals and don't really like to "put ourselves out there", or are uncomfortable with the idea. Do we honestly expect to produce the same results as somebody who is really willing to empathize with their subjects? I know that a lot of the shoots that I thought were the most fun were the same shoots where I really got close to my subjects, both in proximity and emotionally.

I posted this video to go along with this text, because I have determined that songs by Tom Gabel are some of the most emotionally packed and passion-filled songs I have ever heard. They transcend the gap between simply singing the lyrics and putting yourself in the same emotional state as the lyrics while singing them. As a result, there is a sense of honesty and vulnerability that is transmitted through the music. As a photographer, I can appreciate this kind of honesty. It skirts the edge of being over the top emotionally and simply telling the truth. Then again, sometimes the truth is emotional.

Tom Gabel - Harsh Realms

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