Friday, April 17, 2009

The Blissful Beach Scene

Today, I went to Shelter Studios to interview local photographer, Chris Sheehan. Besides having sweet digs (located at 2112 Broadway in Northeast), he also has a lot of insight and experience to share with photographers that are just starting out in the industry. After the interview, he gave me a tour of his studio, which is pretty sweet. If only we all could have our own coved walls and gigantic scrims. Overall, it was a really great experience and I think I was able to gain a greater understanding of what it takes to survive in this industry. Yay, photography!

I've also been shopping around for new camera insurance as I am not particularly satisfied with my current coverage and after the shenanigans they pulled in the last week, they aren't inspiring a whole lot of trust. The only thing that would make this situation worse is if they spontaneously decided to cancel my policy. Unfortunately, the array of insurance options available in the United States is less than inspiring. Maybe I'll move to the UK, just so I can be treated with respect when I file a claim. I'd even settle for a claim handler that actually does their job.

I couldn't find any of the other videos that I really wanted to show off, but don't let that diminish the important of this one. It's fairly basic, but I sure do love my psychology experiments. This video was made by filming the reactions of couples while listening to the song that is featured. It is, in large part, why I decided to attempt the Lovebirds series to begin with, which is a series that investigates what it means to be in a relationship.

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

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