Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The update for people that don't drive four blocks to Penco.

Today, I finally saw the video, which will be at the gallery show, and now I have a vague idea of what all the hub bub was about. Of course, there's some B roll of Keith and I attached at the hip and some intense interrogations about some of our Arby's eating habits. But that's okay, we can take the heat. Nevertheless, the video was well done, though I thought it was pretty funny when Colleen asked what I thought of iMovie. I won't comment on how I truly feel about iMovie, but I will say that there is a reason why I use Premiere Pro.
On a vaguely related note, we finally hung the gallery show today and I must say, it looks delicious. I think I'm most excited to see what Keith's panoramas look like hung up on the wall. He and I were slaving away, trying to come up with a proper mounting solution. I'm not afraid to say that 3/16" Masonite has officially made my list. We did find a solution, though, I think. Let me just say that Gorilla Glue is a truly amazing thing, especially when nobody makes a screw for 3/16" Masonite. I'd be very curious as to how the goodly people of Digigraphics expected us to mount the damn things. Moving on. I'm very excited to see what the final arrangement will be and I hope the show will be to your liking.
And in case you were wondering, Team Champagne will definitely be representing at the gallery opening.
Team Champagne for life.


Colleen Mullins said...

Hey genius:
The sawtooth brackets you toiled over for two hours popped off the second they took on weight. But thank you for the added stills for my film...particularly the one with you trying to file down a screw on the metal threshhold of the elevator while Keith was trying to dislodge his left forefinger from the Gorilla puddle on the back of the big print. Good times.

We went to plan "b" and used mirror fasteners. All is right on the universe once again.

Ryan said...

Oh bollocks. I was really hoping that would work.

Becky said...

Don't worry about it.

Team Champagne for Life.

Ryan said...

Team Champagne for Life.