Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flying Pop Cans

The first lesson of the day is to divide your heavy camera gear between more than one hard case. I learned this when trying to check my ninety pound bag. I figured it was a reasonable weight, so I put it in the trunk of the car and went to the airport, and if there were problems, then they could charge me for their inconvenience. Well, turns out they do have a limit to how heavy any one bag is. That limit is seventy pounds. It's a good thing I have an academic director that is willing to give up their LeSportsac bag so I can cram as much heavy equipment in there as I could. That bag made me look good. Really good. Too good.
I think I'm going to really like New Orleans and I have a more positive outlook on the whole thing than I did yesterday. Don't lose faith on me now, though, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Seriously, though, I'm excited and you should be, too. So there.

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